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CMS Hospital Restraint and Seclusion (Webinar T6102) Tue, Nov 12, 2019 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Speaker:
Sue Dill Calloway
Patient Safety and Health Care Education and Consulting
Course Curriculum:
Restraint and seclusion is a “hot spot” with both CMS and the Joint Commission and is a common area where hospitals are cited for being out of compliance. The restraint policy is one of the hardest to write and understand in health care today. This session will help simplify the CMS 50-page interpretive guidelines. It will also provide a crosswalk to the Joint Commission standards.
The speaker will discuss the requirements for an internal log and will review what must be documented in the medical record. She will also discuss the reporting requirements for patients who die within 24 hours of being restrained.
Target Audience
nurses and physicians with direct patient care, CMO, CNO, COO, nurse educator, risk manager, patient safety officer, PI director, TJC coordinator, quality director, hospital legal counsel, compliance officers, accreditation and regulation staff. Others that should attend include staff who remove and apply restraints as part of their care such as radiology techs, ultra sound technologists and transport staff.
Continuing Education Credits
The price for the webinar is $295 per phone line.
If you are registering for an out-of-state hospital association, please contact Bess Zappa, or 770-249-4542.